1. What is it?

This is the home of people who like English and need english for development in career.

This is the place for all of you can connect and share with others about the interest in English.

This is not only a Social website, it is a real community via English Club

You can find out many many useful videos those help you better in 4 skills of English and many more video – articles is updating everyday.

We – the Content Development Team’s members have beening working very hard to provide you with the best resources in studying English.

2. What inside this social website?

– Firstly, the blog (you can find it detail on each category) is where you can find the videos, audios and articles about the tips and conversation of learning english online.

– Secondly, the Social network (Sitewide activity) includes the activities of all groups and members.

– The last one, the group and member’s page is more customized for specific needs.

You just need some minutes to understand the whole website, so don’t worry.

3. Who we are?

We are the members of English Club Webkynang.vn, we’d love to share the good and interesting materials with all of you,

Just because, WE LOVE ENGLISH.

Some key members:

Author of this English social websites:

Quotes: I have a dream that: every student can use english to work in an international environment and i have a beleive that i can do it.


She is the co-ordinator for the article in the website and she’s also a leader’s assistant for english club.

Linh Tran

She had contributed a lot of good and interesting materials in the websites, unfortunately for some personal reasons she can not go along with us at the moment, anw, we still want her to come back :)

Bich Doan